From time to time, we find ourselves in a financial hurry. Sell your car seems to be the best choice sometimes. But how about a loan with Car Title Loan California? They are the best of the business. Offering to their clients their best services and the knowledge of being in the business since 1994. The loan of your car will be on the right hands. So let the money come to you and keep your car without the need of selling it.


A title loan is a way to name a loan of quick and easier terms. Sometimes it can take some time and it can be also expensive for the client. But it also means a quick money income if you’re in the need. The only way a client can obtain a Loan is to give something in exchange of the loan, something valuable or equal in a certain way.

That “something” usually means the car’s title. To put it on simple words, you give your car’s title in exchange of the title loan. If you’re in the need, a loan can be a life savior. Because it generates money quickly.

It is also known as pink slip loans or vehicle title cash advance. And it can be more than just cars, motorcycles, cam trucks, vans or subs. It also qualifies for a loan. It works in this way: you’ll receive an amount of money depending of your car’s value, with your car’s title as a warranty.

In Car Title Loans California, it works different but better. The period for payments are longer than other, your money percentage it’s also higher than others, with an 85% from your car’s value. That’s more than any other loan company can offer.


If your financial situation is critical, is almost a fact you have a bad credit. But don’t worry, it is possible for you to obtain a title loan even if you are a bad credit person. That’s possible if you have a car’s title and can provide to the loan company the necessary requirements. Car Title Loans will find for you the best plan in order to give you the best way to repay and turn back your car’s title.

The steps to obtain a title loan are very easy and accessible to everyone who has a car and a car’s title. Things like your personal data, address and everything that company consider needed to identify you. The car you must present has to be in good conditions. It must also pass the evaluation.

The title of the car it’s also a requirement to obtain the title loan. A clear title is necessary and if you have a part of the title, it also works for the company. Once you’ll pass all the test and validate your ID and your car’s condition was tested, they’ll request you a proof of your incomes (salary, benefits, etc.). No one would give you a loan you can’t pay right?

Note than title loans are not legal on some places of the country, however in California it’s perfectly legal to make a title loan of your vehicle. So, if you need money and you have a car or a vehicle. This is your chance to get money quickly.